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Franchise Details

Fancyzone is a chain of Fashion jewellery store by Ethix Group of companies. Fashion jewellery because of its affordability and wide ranges has found a lot of takers globally. India being the second largest manufacturer of Fashion jewellery we bring the best of class jewelleries and accessories for all ages and all classes.

Changing fashion tends recently has changed the choices of women in a bigger scale. Women nowadays opt for fashion jewelleries to pep up her everyday look which matches with her clothes. Women look for change and varieties every me they step out, which has led to the growth in the fashion accessories market.

Our Range of products

  • Fashion accessories like bangles, ear rings, jewellery sets etc
  • Watches and sunglasses (multibranded)
  • Cosmetics (multibranded)

Market Research

Global Costume Jewellery Market size in 2015 was valued at $25,554 million growing at CAGR of 6.9% to reach $40,631 million by 2022. Costume jewellery market has witness increased adoption owing to factors such as increasing prices of gold, silver & other precious gems jewellery, increasing demand for men costume jewellery and availability of wide variety of designs in costume jewellery.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading retailer of quality and affordable Fashion jewellery making every woman beautiful inside out.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring sophisticated and fashionable jewellery which combines elegant pieces with high in quality.

We Support You

  • We assist you to buy all important Equipment
  • We provide you with the complete stock of all branded watches, sunglasses, fashion accessories and cosmetics of all brands in very good discount.
  • Assist you to obtain all necessary (GST/DL/FSSAI (trade)/ISO) license numbers.
  • Franchise authorization certificate (Framed)
  • Franchisee performance-based Achievement Award
  • We help in recruiting and continuous professional training to the staff.
  • We provide an inventory and billing software.
  • We provide logo printed Aprons and t-shirts for the staffs
  • Inventory management through our billing software.
  • We equip you with latest sales promotional tools and marketing strategies.
  • Guide to compile sales tax/income tax/audited balance sheet by a chartered accountant.
  • Value added cosmetic and ayurvedic products will be provided from Ethix Industries (own manufacturing factories)
  • Soft copy of advertising content to promote the business in local electronic media and print media/banner/stands/stickers/(No Parking) board.
  • We give advertisements in national magazines and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.,).
  • Soft copy of name board with your local address.

Terms And Conditions

  • Franchise fee is one-me investment (Tenure-5 years) which is non-refundable and attracts no interest rates.
  • Royalty fee is 1350/- per month
  • Franchise agreement will be renewed once in 5 years and the Renewal fee is just Rs.3500
  • All equipment and other promotional materials will be sent in to-pay basis by cargo/transport/courier.

We will help you to procure the below mentioned Things with top quality at the most economical price by using our (Bulk) purchase influence.

  • Display racks and shelves for displaying the jewelleries
  • Interior layout and design
  • Furnishings for the store
  • Name board with back light (Company norms)
  • Computer and printer (Epson) for billing
  • Card swipe machine (Axis Bank)
  • Air conditioner
  • CCTV Wireless
  • Drinking water dispenser
  • LED TV 4
  • Refrigerator
  • Wi Fi connection

Required Steps To Start Our franchise Business

Step – 1: Identifying a premise with minimum area above 500 Sq Ft
Step – 2: Send pictures of the premises to 9816618166 (What’s app)
Step – 3: Preparing Blue Print of the proposed premises by civil engineer, if needed by any govt. dep.
Step – 4: Send your signed application form with residential proof, PAN, Aadhaar & ID proof
Step – 5: Pay fee amount Rs. 1,50,000 inclusive of GST and get the franchise agreement.
Step – 6: Send the Rental agreement copy to our Chennai Address/Email
Step – 7: We assist to apply for all necessary License Numbers
Step – 8: Furnish the premises with Important equipment and PC with billing software.
Step – 9: Interview/shortlist/Appoint/train all staff
Step – 10: Do inauguration by informing the neighbourhood in an informative & innovative manner

Why it is worth Investing?

  • Because same kind of other franchise charge above 2 lakhs as a fee. But here it is only Rs. 1,50,000
  • Billing software and mobile app, alone may surely cost more than this fee amount.
  • Above all you are getting a nationwide well-known brand, which is having centralized professional operating system

For the amount Rs.1,50,000 What you pay as franchise fee, you get

  • Inventory and clinic management software for appointments and billing
  • Mobile App to enhance customer services
  • Soft copy of name board, customer information sheets, me to me schemes / discounts banner
  • FancyZone Monopoly franchise marketing rights to use the brand name at your locality (we won’t provide another FancyZone franchise outlet within 3 kms from your location)
  • Competent Staff (sales person, Accountant etc..).

Fanzyzone Franchise

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111, Whites House, 1st Main Road, 1st Avenue, Anna Nagar (East), Chennai – 600102, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Additional Info

Phone: +91 – 8448440477

E-mail: zone@ethix.in